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Villa Airone/The area 

In Colostrai in the Muravera area, large sandy beaches, crystal clear water

lagoons inhabited by flamingos and herons, Capo ferrato, the coves, the agricultural centers of Muravera and San Vito, the products of the land, the traditional cuisine, the countryside rich in archaeological evidence

Villa Airone is in the coastal area of Colostrai, in the municipality of Muravera (South-East Sardinia), 25 minutes from Villasimius, 15 from Costa Rei  and about 50 minutes from the Ogliastrina coast (Cardedu, Tortolì).

The house is located inside the Special Protection Area of Colostrai, almost 2000 hectares of large beaches and lagoons, inhabited by pink flamingos, herons and a rich and interesting sedentary and migratory birdlife.

The beachalready from Colostrai it is bordered to the north by a small rocky promontory on which the Salinas Tower stands: built in the 17th century it served as a watchtower to counter the frequent incursions of Saracen pirates. 


The Colostrai pond (just behind the large sandy beach). extending for around 110 ha, it can be completely explored along the banks on foot or by mountain bike: herons, marsh harriers, black-winged stilts, egrets, white storks, pink flamingos and many other species make it an ideal spot for bird watching .

The aquatic fauna that fuels the activity of the fishponds is also noteworthy: thanks to the direct access to the sea (made narrower and closed by some artificial barriers and sand dunes that block the lagoon), sea bream, sea bass and mullet can enter and exit freely from the pond, making these specimens "wild" to all intents and purposes and giving excellent quality to the catch.

The pond is immersed in the typical vegetation of wetlands: salicornia, sea lily, ruppia, rushes and cattail, adding further color and charm to the surrounding environment.
The sunset over the lagoons is spectacular, with the thousand colors of the sun and sky reflecting on the water.


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