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About us

For more than 20 years we have been operating in the real estate management sector for tourism purposes through our companies E-Sardinia S.r.l. and Sardinia Point S.r.l..

We manage 3 residences - made up of villas, cottages and suites - in Cardedu on the East coast of Sardinia and a villa in Colostrai, on the South-East coast.


From booking to check-out you will interact with us: you will speak to us before arriving and you will find our staff on site to welcome you and assist you for the duration of your stay.


Our headquarters is in the center of Cagliari where we work on reservations and general assistance throughout the year. But for the entire duration of the tourist season, in each residence, there is a reception with our staff. You will also always have a mobile telephone number for the entire duration of your stay.


Our services:

  • email and telephone assistance with booking (we answer all your questions about accommodation and the area);

  • check-in and check-out;

  • telephone and on-site assistance for the entire duration of your stay;

  • flexibility and ability to integrate specific equipment for specific needs (children, elderly people, animals...)

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