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INFO & DIRECT BOOKING: +39 070 684545 (9.30/13.30  Monday-Thursday) | EMAIL (general info or quote)

SALES OFFICES: Cagliari, via Manno 81 | +39 070684545

Local Contact Number Cardedu: +39 3271157602

Our commercial offices are in Cagliari in the heart of the city. In each of our 3 residences in Cardedu the reception service is active during daytime hours while the custodial service is active during night hours. Our on-site staff will be reachable via mobile phone (the number will be communicated prior to arrival).

Residence Ville d'Ogliastra 1
via Lungomare, 08040 Cardedu
GEO: 39°46'48.05" N, 9°40'04.63" E
IUN (L.R.16/2017): E0033

Residence Ville d'Ogliastra 2
via Lungomare, 08040 Cardedu
GEO: 39°47'04.97" N, 9°39'55.26" E
IUN (L.R.16/2017): E0033

Residenza Mare Azzurro
via Lungomare, 08040 Cardedu
GEO: 39°47'43.25" N, 9°38'50.72" E
IUN (L.R.16/2017): E0033

Villa Airone
Muravera, loc. Colostrai
IUN (L.R.16/2017): P5854

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